Disease Management

Archon Tree Services Philosophy

Trees are valuable long term investments. Trees are beneficial to our landscapes, communities and environment. The professionals at Archon Tree Services are dedicated to providing services that preserve the safety, health and appearance of trees. Our strategy is proactive with an emphasis on the health of the trees rather than a reactive response to symptoms of problems. We achieve this through a multi-dimensional management strategy and techniques aimed at protecting and enhancing tree health. We have found that most effective results are obtained when treatments are organized into an integrated system with specific treatments for each specific situation.

Diagnosing a Tree Problem

Most landscape tree and shrub problems are due to environmental factors such as poor growing conditions, temperature extremes, poor water management, soil compaction or mechanical injury. Poor environmental conditions can cause a tree stress, resulting in trees being more susceptible to pests and diseases.

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Identifying a Disease Problem

Once a tree or shrub disease is identified, the next step is to develop a management strategy which may involve on or more tactics. Some cultural disease management methods prevent disease problems by keeping plants healthy and growing vigorously while other methods address specific disease problems. We use a combination of methods with the goal being not only to identify and recommend the best treatment option, but also to increase the trees own ability to resist diseases.

Management Strategies

Our strategies for management of tree problems include environmental, organic, and when necessary, chemical treatment options. Often we will recommend a combination of these strategies to obtain the most thorough, long lasting results. Threshold levels vary depending on the client, the tree or shrub and the pest. We take these factors into consideration, along with cost,  effectiveness and environmental impact when creating a customized pest management strategy.

Recommended Treatments

Strategic Pruning

Promotes healthy growth and vigor by removing dead or dying branches

Deep Root Fertilization

Fertilizer and biologic fungicide are used on stressed, damaged, or failing trees when quick action is necessary

Trunk or Basal Drench

Applied to the bark of a tree using a spray solution which allows treatments to penetrate the bark

100% Organic Compost Tea

Brewed in-house, our compost tea is 100% organic, perfectly safe liquid brewed from composted materials and applied to trees and shrubs to strengthen and rebuild the root systems and improve health. Compost Tea helps trees and shrubs resist insects and disease without harsh chemicals. Soil PH is adjusted, improving drainage and lessening soil compaction while healthy growth is increased

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