We are asked time and time again, "How much will it be to do my project?". 

While that is a seemingly simple question, for Archon, it is more involved than one thinks.

  • I need a ball park cost for .....?

      A lot of factors go into pricing a tree project including location, drive time, amount of manpower and equipment needed, how many CDL drivers are required, how technical is the work in regards to rigging and climbing, how dangerous is the job, and on and on it goes.  For example, our minimum price is $375 plus tax.  If your proposal is for the minimum rate but we get another job very close to you then we may be able to lower your price by scheduling them the same day because it cuts down on travel time between jobs.  Another example is two trees in different areas - one on a slope and only 50ft tall, the other on level ground and 80ft tall.  You would think the 50ft tree would be less expensive but it is on a slope which means the drag would be harder for removing material than the 80ft one that is on level ground.  Now lets take those same trees but the 50ft tree is 5ft from your house and the 80ft tree is by your driveway.  The one closer to the house will take more time because it will require a more advanced climber to bring down the material without damaging your home while the driveway tree is more easily accessible and can be done a little quicker with the chipper and truck right there.  Here are a few other things to note about tree pricing:

      • A single tree removal or prune can run from $375 on up to a few thousand 
      • Clean-up is one of the largest impacts on price with down only and no clean-up being the least expensive and chipping and hauling all wood and debris being the most expensive.  Other clean-up options are leaving wood in firewood rounds or marketable lengths if you want to try and sell the wood (Archon no longer provides that service).
      • A job that requires a crane or skid steer can add to the cost.  We utilize our crane to make a job go more efficiently, safer, and with the least amount of impact to your property. 

      Continue reading for more detailed explanations.

  • Why can't you give me a quote by phone or from photos I can send you?

      We always enjoy talking to you about your projects.  It gives us some idea of what you are looking for before meeting with you at your property.  The key reason we do not use photographs or the owner's detailed description is space and perspective. In comparison, many other tree companies will give a price this way whereas we want to have the opportunity to walk the proposed job site with you.   An onsite meeting allows us to see the area to determine our crew and equipment access.  Will we be able to get close enough, so there is not a long drag?  What sort of drop zone is there?  The variables to a job are extensive.

      • Better communication of ideas:  Meeting in person allows us to build trust while speaking in-depth about your project. It lets us communicate more clearly what you want and how we can do it for the best experience possible.  
      • Drop zone: this is the area for lowering limbs and sections of trees.  The smaller the drop zone, the slower and more technical the job becomes.
      • Equipment and its placement:  We need to see the area to know what equipment we will utilize. It is essential to get our equipment as close to the work area as possible. 
      • Topography:  Is your driveway steep and winding?  Are we working on a slope?  How close is the tree(s) to other structures?  Meeting in person allows us to determine the logistics involved to get the job done safely and to your satisfaction. 
      • Expertise: Meeting in person puts our knowledge and expertise to work for you.  Our Owner, Brian (certified arborist) and estimator, Matt have many years of experience to offer you.  While speaking with you onsite they are able to give you a good idea of how we can accomplish your goals.  Another added benefit of meeting onsite is many times they are able to identify situations you may not have thought of or realized needed attention such as diseased or dying trees.  This helps you to be able to prioritize better.
  • Why are your prices higher than others?
  • My landscaper says they can do it for a fraction of the cost.